Vaccinate Your F*cking Children – Please!

Pertussis Outbreak Kills 3 More Babies

Caught this news item a couple of weeks ago and it made me feel extremely sweary.

Vaccines for children were on the decrease

Then this happened.

Whooping cough: Outbreak claims three more babies


This is what we’ve known would happen for a long time. This is what we knew would be the outcome of those f*cking anti-vaxers.

Children die!

It’s not just your children you’re putting at risk, it’s other people’s children.

Never heard of herd immunity? Look it up.

Only after there’s a fatal outbreak, do people realise that the consequences of our post-rational, self-indulgent, over-priviledged opinions are fatal.

Sure, attach validity to anyone’s opinion. Free thinkers invented life-saving techniques like… eh… vaccines. The world is a better place for people who challenge conventional wisdom, but not at the expense of people’s lives. Worse children who have no choice.

Even worse, other people’s children who have read and understood the literature and made an informed decision.

If you agree with everything I say, see a doctor. If you agree with nothing, see a homeopath – and please quarantine yourselves from the general population.

Vaccinate your f*cking children!